Monday, March 9, 2009

'The Witch'; Buffy Season 1, Episode 3

Giles: "You have a sacred birthright, Buffy. You were chosen to destroy
vampires, not to... wave pompoms at people. And as the Watcher I forbid

After Buffy shockingly declares to Giles that she wants to join the cheerleading because it's 'normal,' we see a stereotypical witch image of a cauldron with thick green goo brewing and barbie dolls hanging over it. Dun dun dun, ominous? Not at all. During tryouts (which Xander is thoroughly enjoying--'Ooh, stretchy!') we meet Amy, and then witness one of the girls getting caught on fire as she does her routine.

Cordelia: "Who does she think she is, a Laker girl?" (Funny side note for those who don't know, Charisma Carpenter used to be a San Diego Charger cheerleader.)

Buffy saves her, but everyone is majorly wigged out, although Giles seems quite excited by the prospect of weird occurrences other than vampires and demons. Maybe the poor guy didn't get out much before Sunnydale. He was stuck in stuffy old England with his scones, Masterpiece Theater, and tea.

Willow: "Yeah! You're the Slayer, and we're, like, the Slayerettes!"
Buffy: "I just don't like putting you guys in danger."
Xander: "Oh, huh, I laugh in the face of danger. Then I hide until it
goes away."
(Ahhh, adorable line of quotes! <3) style="width: 334px; height: 250px;" src="">

Xander: "Nah, I gotta be a man and ask her out. Y'know, I gotta stop
giving her ID bracelets, uh, subtle innuendoes, taking Polaroids outside
of her bedroom window late at night, that last part is a joke to relieve
the tension because here she comes."

We also witness some mother/daughter tension with Joyce & Buffy. We learn Joyce works at some sort of art gallery and enjoys constantly reminding Buffy of how much she screwed up at her old school. Harsh much?

Buffy: "Mom, I've accepted that you've had sex. I am not ready to know
that you had Farrah hair."

Anyway, after Amy didn't make the team, we can hear her voice (though much raspier and evil-er sounding) casting more spells with her cauldron of goo, making Cordelia her new sacrifice. Poor unsuspecting Cordy is pretty dazed and confused, so Buffy follows her out to her driver's ed practice. After Cordy crashes the car through a fence and almost gets hit by an apparently blind truck driver (that dude was, like 100 feet away, how could he have NOT stopped?), Buffy saves her to see that Cordelia's eyes are completely white! Creeeepy!

Giles: "Why should someone want to harm Cordelia?"
Willow: "Maybe because they met her? Did I say that?"

They narrow down the witch suspects to Amy. During science lab, Buffy very not subtly steals hair from Amy's brush (I'm pretty sure Amy was watching her the entire time; smooth, Buffy) so she can spill a potion on her to tell if she casted any spells recently. She successfully spills the substance, which proves Amy had done some spells, just as another cheerleader's lips are sealed together and she can't open her mouth. Totally creepy again.

Amy comes home, obviously pissed off, yelling at her mother, and now has Buffy's cute bracelet to cast some spells.

The next morning Buffy is all giddy, singing 'Macho Man' (of all the songs!), and skipping around in her cheerleading uniform. She basically seems quite drunk.

Buffy: "Willow! Xander! My buds are here! I love my buds! Hi!"

After Buffy accidentally threw another cheerleader across the room 'Oops!', she was cast off the team, Amy gaining her spot.

Buffy: "No, no, no. You don't want her, she's a wi--"
Xander: "A wise choice indeed!"

More giggling from our slayer as Xander and Willow drag her out. She proclaims her love for Xander as one of the girls (Willow looks super happy by this declaration, while Xander quite downtrodden) and soon Buffy's happy skippy buzz wears off. Giles immediately knows it's a vengeance spell and Buffy has only a few hours left to live unless they stop the spells or cut off Amy's head. After heading to Amy's, Buffy figures it out that Amy's mother switched their bodies because Amy was 'wasting her youth.' They get her spell book and all three head back to school. After Giles does some intense magick, the bodies switched back and Buffy gets up, punching the crap out of Catherine. Catherine attempts to banish Buffy to the nether world, but she kicks down a reflective surface causing Catherine to get caught in her own spell, poofing forever.

Amy: "Well, I know that I'll miss the intellectual thrill of spelling out words with my arms."

Buffy and Joyce reconcile over the fact that she would never want to be sixteen again, Amy goes to live with her dad and make tons of brownies, and Catherine is stuck in her own cheerleading trophy. All in all, a happy ending!

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