Friday, March 27, 2009

Sorry for lack of updates. I've been meaning to do Never Kill a Boy & The Pack, but have been swamped with school work (and seeing Lady GaGa in concert this past week! Woo!)

But, wasn't Dollhouse this week hilariously awesome? Joss sure knows how to write drunkish/drugged/crazy/hallucinating people. It made me want to watch "Tabula Rasa" & "Spin the Bottle", haha.

Next week's episode looks amazing, too!

Until I can make a real update, let's all oogle and be jealous over this person's Whedon collection.

So. Not. Fair. I especially love the bottle of 'Dawn' with a key taped to it, haha. I should inventory my Buffy paraphenalia because I have a ton. Next on my list to get: the Buffy scythe.

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