Thursday, April 23, 2009

'Out of Mind, Out of Sight'

Cordelia walks down the halls of Sunnydale in a blissful mood as the Spring Fling is upon the students. She has a nice piece of man candy on one arm and her 'best friend' and minion/sheep, Harmony, on the other. Keep Harmony in mind, she oddly enough, gets a bigger and bigger part as the show goes on. Crazy, right? Buffy runs into them and her weapons spill onto the floor.

Cordelia: Uhhh! Behold, the weirdness!
Buffy: You're probably wondering what I'm doing with this stuff, huh?
Cordelia: Wow, I'm not!
Buffy: Uh, for history class. Mr. Giles has this, like, hobby of collecting stuff... which he lent me... for show and tell. D-did I mention it's for history class?
Harmony: She is always hanging with that creepy librarian in that creepy library.

I love how they don't even care that she randomly has weapons spilling out of her purse. They're just annoyed their hallway patrol was interrupted. Poor Buffy thinking they actually care about her.

In English class, Miss Miller, the teacher, praises Cordelia over and over again. Cut to Cordelia's mancandy in the locker room. A disembodied voice giggles in the room as a bat hangs in the air, then suddenly attacks him. He is badly hurt and rushed to the hospital.

Cordelia is campaigning for May Queen, passing out sweets to the students. ("Isn't this the bomb?"....Oh, the 90s.) Buffy gets nostalgic, remembering how she was queen of her spring fling at her old high school. Oh, to be popular again... Xander and Willow muse about the past and how Cordelia always needs to be number one. They begin speaking in tongues, according to Buffy.

Haaa, I just think this picture is adorable. Eventaually, Buffy sneaks into the crime scene and sees a message displayed on the locker.

Whaaaat? Look at what? Look at Mitch?

Buffy: And monsters don't usually send messages. It's pretty much crush, kill, destroy. This was different.
Giles: I'd have to say you're right.
Buffy: I love it when he says that! Any theories?

They figure it must be a ghost or a vampire bat. So, they head off to compile a list of dead or missing kids. We suddenly see a flashback of Cordelia and Harmony ignoring a girl who's trying to join in the conversation. The unnamed girl is clearly uncool and clearly trying too hard. In the present, Cordelia and Harmony are chatting, when Harmony is pushed down the stairs by an unseen force. Buffy follows the giggles to the music room, but loses whoever or whatever it was.

Buffy is feeling a bit defeated and Giles convinces her to follow Cordelia around since both people close to her were attacked. So, she stays around after school as Cordelia is preparing her May Queen gown.

Does anyone else just expect woodland critters to suddenly help her dress here?

Buffy hears a flute playing and so does Giles. He searches for the source and then dreamy Angel pops out of nowhere. He says he can help Giles research the Master and offers to find a rare book for him. Someone's kissing the daddy figure's bum before he gets with the slayer. ;)

We see another flashback. Cordelia and her Cordettes making fun of a presentation in the bathroom. The unnamed girl desperately attempts to join in the conversation, but is continuously ignored.

Willow reports her findings to Buffy. A girl named Marcie Ross disappeared a few months ago. She had band and played the flute. Sounds like the culprit! Buffy heads back to the music room and climbs into the ceiling, finding Marcie's nest. She grabs her yearbook and heads back to the others.

Cordelia's meeting with the english teacher is ready to start. Miss Miller hears someone come into the classroom, but suddenly a plastic bag is held over her head. Cordelia rushes in and removes the bag, saving her. A piece of disembodied chalk writes the word "LISTEN" on the chalkboard. SPOOKY!

Buffy gives them the yearbook and they realize the girl had no friends at all. She had the kiss of death written all over her yearbook; "Have a nice summer."

Willow: "Have a great summer!" See! I cared!

We see another flashback of Marcie in Miss Miller's class. She keeps raising her hand to answer, but Miss Miller keeps ignoring her. Suddenly, her hands starts disappearing. She turned invisible because no one noticed her.

Cordelia surprises Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles by coming for help.

Cordelia: What? I knew you'd be here. Buffy, I, uh, I, I know we've had our differences, with you being so weird and all, and hanging out with these total losers... Ooo! Well, anyway, despite all of that, I know that you share this feeling that we have for each other, deep down...
Willow: Nausea?
Cordelia: Somebody is after me! They just tried to kill Ms. Miller? Uh, she was helping me with my homework. And Mitch! And Harmony?! This is all about me! Me, me, me!
Xander: Wow! For once she's right!
Buffy: So you've come to *me* for help.
Cordelia: Because you're always around when all this weird stuff is happening. And I know you're very strong, and you've got all those weapons... I was kind of hoping you were in a gang.

They tell her what's happening and she claims she's never seen the girl in her life, after making fun of Marcie's outfit, of course. Buffy agrees to help her. The two do a bit of bonding as Cordelia prepares for the coronation. Cordelia confesses that even though she's so cute and popular, she still feels lonely. Buffy tells Cordelia, to her extreme surprise, that she used to be popular. She is kidnapped suddenly and Buffy is knocked out.

Meanwhile, Xander, Willow, and Giles hear the flute playing. They head to the boiler room to find a radio playing a recording of the flute. The door slammed and gas started pouring into the room. Oh noes!

Cordelia and Buffy wake up in the Bronze, tied up, and staring at this screen reading 'LEARN.' Marcie finally speaks to them. She explains she numbed Cordelia's face so she could make her super ugly. Buffy pisses her off and Marcie punches her pretty hard. And then she slashes Cordelia's cheek.

Marcie is too distracted by Cordelia (ironic, huh?) to notice Buffy kick the tray of surgical instruments at her. Cordelia wails and moans until Buffy shuts her up.

Meanwhile, Xander, Willow, and Giles are at death's door, unable to open the handleless door. Angel suddenly opens it and drags them out. He shuts off the gas and saves them all!

Back at the Bronze, Buffy and Marcie are having it out. Buffy gets to hone in on her listening skills and eventually bests Marcie. Two government officials come and take her away. "We'll handle it from here, ma'am." Uhh, what?

The next day Cordelia comes up to the scoobs to thank them. Willow boldly suggests she come to lunch with them, but when her mancandy appears, she reverts to her old Cordelia ways. Ah well, that didn't last long.

We are then shown what we can only assume is a government facility. Invisible Marcie is ushered into a room filled with invisible people. The teacher instructs them to open their books to a certain page. The page reads "Assassination and Infiltration."

Marcie: Cool!

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